Lashes by Kat

 I take special care while isolating your natural lashes and selecting the perfect extension

to avoid any damage to your follicles.  I use Revolashion products because they are always formaldehyde and latex free. There glues undergo a double-purification process. This not only reduces toxicity, it also reduces the chance of skin irritation and allergic response.

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First time getting lash extensions? 




On the day of your appointment

  • Avoid drinking too much. Stopping for a bathroom break is difficult and will cut into your lashing time.

  • A full set can take up to 3 hours depending on the look you are wanting.

  • Do not wear eye makeup to the appointment.

  • Plan your next shower: You wont be able to get your extensions wet for 24 hours while the glue is curing. That means no shower, no steam, no sweat.

  • Bring earbuds and plan to listen to some music, a podcast or a book-on-tape. Talking during the appointment can make your eyes flutter and move the tape.

  • Wear or bring comfy clothes to change into.

I am looking forward to giving you the lashes of your dreams!

Classic Full Set $175

2 Week Fill $55

3 Week Fill $80

Volume Full Set $200

2 Week Fill $65

3 Week Fill $90

Hybrid Full Set $188

2 Week Fill $60

3 Week Fill $85